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Short About ..  

SAMATECH Creative Co Ltd is a an information technology solutions and services provider The Company has its Head Office in SANAA, YEMEN, with excellent team capabilities of Designers, Developers, and

Our Vision ..  

We in SAMATECH Creative Co do not provide our client with just PRODUCTS..We provide our client with comprehensive solutions and services carefully tailored to meet all the client needs and to make su

Services ..
  • Customizable/Business-Specific Solutions Development
  • Business Process Improvement and Consultations
  • Implementations
  • Technical Support & Help Desk
  • Networking Solutions
  • Cross different Systems/Platforms Integration
  • Data Migration, Transfer and Converting2qhnj
  • Data Mining, Extracting and publishing
  • Oracle Database Recovery & Tuning

Solutions ..
Solutions Main Features:
  • Totally web-based solutions
  • Multi-company, multi-branch, multi-currency, multi-year, multi-users support
  • Full integration support with any 3rd party systems
  • Adaptive workflow and business process
  • Strong and robust security techniques
  • Ease of use and fast navigation
  • Proven performance and availability
  • Excellent support and service delivery

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer relationship management has to do with any methods, policies, and procedures that are utilized by a company to provide a high level of customer care to existing clientele, orient new customers to the products and services offered by the business, and encourage general customer retention.
CRM includes:
•         Marketing
•         Sales
•         Services
•         Contact Centers
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP is an integrated suite of software applications typically handling the manufacturing, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipping, and invoicing.

ERP is "back office" software which focuses on the key business functions of manufacturing, supply chain management, CRM, financial management and Project Management.

A well implemented ERP solution will improve the efficiency of the enterprise, reduce money tied up in stock/work in progress, and run a Just in Time inventory system.

ERP includes:

•  Financial Management

•  Assets Control

•  General Ledger

•  Account Payables

•  Account Receivables

•  Cash Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. It represents a conscious effort by the supply chain firms to develop and run supply chains in the most effective & efficient ways possible. Supply chain activities cover everything from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities.

SCM includes:

•  Supply Chain Planning

•  Logistics & Transportation Management

•  Order Management

•  Price Management

Retail Management & Point of Sales (POS)

• Reduce Costs
• Respond to trends faster
• Improve Customer Service
• Buy Smarter
• Improve Marketing
• Control the money

Human resources (HRMS)
HRMS or human resources management system maintains personal and confidential details for all employees including copies of important work-related documents. It also maintains employment details including job title, compensation and even varying rates of compensation. HR software usually maintains payroll details including pay rate, hours worked, hours absent, benefits accumulation/usage, withholdings and other deductions, and more.
HR software also provides employers with the means to ensure that employee performance evaluations take place as required, that situations requiring disciplinary action are carefully documented, and that changes in job responsibilities are properly documented; all issues that are so important to track in today’s litigious society.
Payroll refers to the records  paper or electronic and calculations that you make to work out your employees pay and deductions under the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system. It covers all the payments you make to your employees including:
•         wages and salaries
•         overtime
•         commission and bonuses
•         holiday pay
•         statutory payments - Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Pay
Payroll shows all the deductions you make before paying your employees, like Income Tax, loan deductions and any other kind of deductions.
Its essential to your business that you pay your employees the right amount and on time - and that you make the correct deductions. So keeping accurate payroll records is really important.
Project Portfolio Management Applications
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a management process designed to help an organization acquire and view information about all of its projects, then sort and prioritize each project according to certain criteria, such as strategic value, impact on resources, cost, and so on.
The Project management solution includes:
•         Project Billing
•         Project Contracts
•         Project Costing
•         Project Management
•         Project Resource Management
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Once a business intelligence system is in a place, a company can expect to find improved turnaround times on data collection, ideas for new business initiatives, more targeted marketing campaigns, a much more precise picture of customer needs and desires, and a strong understanding of how best to compete with top competitors. The improvement in business agility that comes with business intelligence is substantial in most cases, and allows a company to take better advantage of constantly evolving market conditions.
Machines Maintenance
Using the machine maintenance solution you could: 
•         Create & schedule all types of maintenance jobs.
•         Create & scheduled unplanned maintenance due to machine breakdowns.
•         Regular maintenance on machines can be scheduled by time or on machines meter readings.
•         Detailed instructions can be printed on work orders.
•         Calendars and working shifts to specify days off and work schedules for personnel.
•         Staff Assignments.
•         Track Inventory items availability & reduce out of stock situations.
•         Purchase Orders Status
•         Workload balancing.
•         Track and optimize costs automatically
•         Track work orders status
Property Management Real Estate Management System
To empower property management companies with the optimum profitability from their real estate investments.
The solution organizes property and tenant info and helps collect rent and service requests and much more.
REMS includes
•         Accounting Integration
•         Billing & Invoicing
•         Cash Management
•         Customizable Fields
•         Customizable Functionality & Reporting
•         Documents/Forms/Applications Templates design and management
•         Expense Tracking
•         Late Payment Notifications
•         Maintenance Management
•         Portfolio Management
•         Rent Tracking
•         Tenant Database
•         Tenant Services
•         Tenant Tracking
•         Vacancy Tracking
Archiving & Documents Management

Archiving & Documents Management



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